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Chromium supplements

Chromium supplements are commonly used to support those with type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol and weight problems.


Chromium is an essential mineral in the body that has a wide range of health benefits. However, many people are in fact deficient in this mineral which can unfortunately lead to an array of health issues.

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Why do we Include Chromium in Our Supplements?

Our dedicated team of pharmacists only include the highest quality supplements based on evidence-based research they trust. That’s why we include Chromium tablets in our product range as their benefits are far too good to miss. 

Can’t You Get Chromium from Food?

Yes - Chromium can be found in a range of foods, such as broccoli, turkey breast, potatoes, red wine and green beans. However, it can be extremely difficult to get enough Chromium from these types of foods alone.


This can be especially tricky for those with existing health problems such as Type 2 Diabetes or obesity, who are likely to have been advised to stay away from foods which are high in sugar and carbohydrates such as red wine and potatoes.


This is why Chromium supplements are so useful. They allow your body to get all of the Chromium it needs to be able to aid the action of insulin, decrease blood sugar and potentially even decrease body fat and increase lean muscle! 

Chromium Supplements Delivered Straight to your Doorstep

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