Black Pepper

What is Black Pepper?

Black pepper is one of the most commonly used spices in the world. It comes from a flowering vine, the Piper Nigrum, which is part of the Piperaceae plant family. The berries are dried to turn into peppercorns. Piperine is the active ingredient found in black pepper, which has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

BioPerine® is a 95% to 99% pure extract of the active compound, piperine, and is an excellent alternative to medication for an array of health and wellbeing issues. BioPerine® has been used for over 20 years as a bioavailability enhancer, meaning that more of the nutrients you take are absorbed into the bloodstream.

Why Take BioPerine® Supplements?

Piperine has many health benefits, one of which is increasing the bioavailability of certain nutrients in food, supplements and some vitamins and minerals.

Trials using curcumin with BioPerine® showed a 2000% increase in blood levels than using curcumin alone. Without BioPerine®, most of the curcumin would just pass straight through the digestive tract.

Studies have also shown BioPerine® to increase absopbsion of Vitamin C by 52%, Selenium by 42% and Co-enzyme Q10 by 31.8%.

How Does BioPerine® Work?

Metabolic processes that generate energy in the body are called thermogenesis. Thermogenesis plays an important role in utilising the food and nutrients that we consume.

BioPerine® is a thermonutrient that can potentially improve the process of nutrient absorption by enhancing thermogenesis. Piperine slows down the breakdown of certain supplements and therefore increases their levels in the blood. It may also allow better absorption through the intestine into the bloodstream.

BioPerine® Supplements

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