What is Amla?

Amla (also known as Indian Gooseberry) is a fruit which comes from the phyllanthus emblica tree, mainly grown in tropical desert areas of India. The fruit is rich in vitamins, antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, all of which promote strong immune systems and healthy bodily functions.

In Ayurveda, the Amla fruit is considered an Adaptogen. These are natural products which help the body cope with stress, anxiety and fatigue. Saberry® is an extract of the Amla fruit. The extract contains standardized compounds of 10% beta-glucogallin, a powerful antioxidant, and 50% gallates.

Why Take Amla Supplements?

If you’re diabetic, suffer from chronic conditions, have a weak immune system or simply want to brighten and hydrate your skin, look no further than the wonder fruit that is Amla. Amla is a powerhouse of vitamins and minerals including vitamin C, Vitamin A, B vitamins, phosphorus, magnesium and chromium. It has many uses in Ayurveda, from improved memory, weight loss, to hair growth!

Studies have been promising, showing that it could reduce blood glucose levels in both healthy and diabetic people. The study also showed an improvement in cholesterol levels and a benefit to cardiovascular health, mainly due to the high antioxidant properties.

How Does Amla Work In The Body?

Amla has a high vitamin C content and high amount of tannins which are both potent antioxidants, helping to reduce oxidative stress which has been linked to many conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer, arthritis and strokes.

Tannins in the Amla fruit enhance glucose uptake and inhibit formation of fat cells. Amla also contains the trace element chromium which has significant anti-diabetic activity. It’s clearly not just any old fruit!

Amla Supplements

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